Anandamide: Good or Bad

There are many chemicals, which proves to be very useful in treating many health issues. It may also be said like, some chemicals are very beneficial or useful for our health issues treatment. Anandamide (AEA) is one of such chemicals. In this article, we will talk more about it, with the help of a few points on its a risk before the human trail.

What is Anandamide

There are many substances released within our body and one of them is Anandamide. It is a type of neurotransmitters which is responsible for many other activities in the body and most of these activities are not very serious for human or better say, its good for them. In research, it has been also found that dark chocolates are a good source of Anandamide. It can play a crucial role in the treatment of many health issues or can incite to occur them more frequently or in more amount. Yet below has been discussed it’s uses and health issues which may arise if we use it without trial on humans.

Trials on human

Anandamide, as we discussed above, is a very important chemical ,formed in our brain. Different people have different views about it. According to some people, it can help people in many health issues. However not all such cases have passed the successful trials on humans. Most of such trail has been done so far on rats and other animals successfully. There are great chances that these trails will work on humans also, yet the final decision is yet to come.

In many types of researches, it has been shown that the production of this Anandamide works very well for the treatment of pain, movement, and many other things on rats. But most of the people do not read the whole article and they just decide to go for the treatment of some diseases just after reading the few portions of it. As I said above this trail has been done successfully, it’s true. But I also said that the trail has been done only on rats and on some other animals.

Most of the people miss this point and they just go for the treatment on the basis of half-read articles which is not any good thing. Therefore, up to the time, the impact of this treatment is verified on humans also, we need to stay away from all such recovery methods.

While taking this step of being alert against any incomplete info and the treatment, we also safeguard not just our own self but the innocent life of many people. This is so because just after starting your treatment with the Anandamide effect, other people also take inspiration from you and they too start their treatment with the same method.

So to make this treatment really worth praise, we need to wait for some more time unless the treatment through Anandmide in various health issues gets successful trails on humans also.